Whether you need new roofing installation for an older home or a brand-new building, you can call on the professionals at Superior Exteriors. Serving the greater Boston area, our roof installers are fully insured and certified by Owens Corning. We’re proud to outfit local homes and businesses with flawless workmanship no matter what. Offering affordable rates, friendly customer care, and a fast turnaround, we’ll provide you with the new roof you need without keeping you waiting or hurting your wallet. Interested in learning more about our experience as a roof installer? Or would you like to hear about our amazing warranties on labor and materials? Talk to one of our roofing installers today!

For years, Superior Exteriors roofing division has mastered the most effective process for roofing installation. We’re extremely meticulous, taking great pains to ensure every single detail is exactly right. We never cut corners or take short cuts because we take the quality of our roof installation very seriously. From modest, home roofing installation to large, commercial roof installation, we approach each and every job with the same attention to detail

Repair & Maintenance
No matter how minor a roof repair may seem, it can have a huge impact on the structural integrity of your entire house or building. So if there’s an issue with your roof, no matter how small, you have to take care of it quickly before the rest of your property is affected. Superior Exterior can help. We provide roof repairs to homes and commercial buildings throughout the Boston and South Shore area, delivering some of the finest handiwork and customer service around. We also strive for prompt, efficient work so your roofing repair can be finished with minimal interruption to your routine. So whether you need residential or commercial roof repair service, call our team today for help!

Leak Repair
In New England, we all know that the weather can be dramatic. Any given year can include more rain than Seattle (little known fact), snow, hail, blistering heat, high winds, Nor’easters, hurricanes, or even tornadoes. This causes damage to roofs. Fortunately the industry has created quick and effective solutions for these problems. No matter what kind of roof you have – asphalt, rubber, aluminum, copper – our crew is able to quickly assess any roof leak, find it’s source, and patch it. Roof leaks are not something you should have to live with. If roof leaks are allowed to continue they can begin to soak the insulation beneath them, which really causes problems once winter arrives. Kevin Lyman Roofing has the experience and the materials to give your roof leak a long term solution. And more often than not flat rubber roof leaks require only a quick and simple solution. Protect the life of your roof, as well as everything it covers, by calling us today to repair your rubber roof leak!

A Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

For a limited time only, take advantage of our FREE exclusive 17-point inspection of your roof. Our friendly, no pressure roofing expert will advise on the most cost effective way to fix or replace your roof!