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Lifetime Manufacturers + Our Labor Warranty

Superior Exteriors offers a Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty as well as a 10-Year Workmanship Warranty… However, it is important to realize that should the product be installed improperly, even the best warranties on the highest quality materials may be rendered void and useless.  The manufacturer has a right to expect that their product is aligned, lapped, and fastened to meet their minimum requirements, otherwise their product will not perform as designed and the warranty will become invalid.

This is why it is so important to hire a professional and reputable Roofing Contractor with a proven track record of satisfied customers and proper installations.  Superior Exterior offers 10 year complete installation and labor warranties in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on all of our completed projects.  We are approved installers for numerous major manufacturers and we often carry out factory warranty work for many of these.

Warranties, like insurance, are something you need but not something that you want to use. Purchasing a roof is a big decision that can give you decades of worry free performance, or cause much strife, stress and financial burden if the roof does not perform to expectations.

More often than not, improper installation causes premature roof failure. Homeowners who hired the kid down the street or “two guys in a truck” who can no longer be found, to install their roof are often further disappointed when the manufacturers warranty is deemed invalid due to improper installation.