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In order to help you understand what will happen when your job is started

Noise: During the job there will be a lot of hammering and banging inherent to the work being performed.

Interior Decor: Please take some time to check that any items hanging on the wall or ceilings are secure, especially in areas directly below where the is taking place. This will not protect the items from being dislodged and damaged during the job. Superior Exteriors is not responsible for any interior damage.

Job Materials: All materials delivered to the job site belong to Superior Exteriors. The materials will be delivered prior to job start to insure a smooth installation once the job starts. Should there be any materials left at the end of the job that were delivered to minimize any chance of running short, these will be removed by Superior Exteriors.

Dates for Start and Completion: Superior Exteriors will start the project on the date agreed upon between the client and Superior Exterior. Materials will be delivered one day prior to your start date. Changes to estimated start and completion dates are subject to weather. We will try to make your renovation as convenient as possible. Superior Exteriors crew will be working Monday – Saturday 7 am – Dusk, 48 working days.

Process: Superior exteriors will work on one building cluster at a time from start to finish. Work includes all carpentry for siding, trim, decks and gutters. Once the carpentry project is complete we will start the painting of the buildings cluster by cluster as we did with the carpentry.

Staging of the Site: Superior Exteriors will use all staging and equipment necessary to complete the project. All staging materials and equipment will be removed at the end of the job.

Dumpsters: Dumpsters are provided for the removal of your construction related debris only. Please do not put anything in the dumpster, no household garbage or hazardous waste violators will incur additional charges for any overages or materials not accounted for.